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Job Classification & Evaluation

Article 13 of the statute of the International Civil Service Commission provides that:

"The Commission shall establish job classification standards for all categories of Staff in fields of work common to several of the organizations. It shall advise organizations on the development of consistent job classification plans in other fields of work."

In July 1981 the ICSC promulgated the ICSC Master Standard or Tier I as a point-factor rating evaluation plan based on six major factors comprising 15 elements. The Tier II standards, which were grade level standards developed for specific fields of work, were created as a supplement to provide guidance and consistency to classifiers when applying the Master Standard.

In 2004, the Commission promulgated a new standard which replicated the values of the Master Standard in a new approach to job evaluation. The benchmarks appearing in the following pages have been posted in response to a request from the organizations in an effort to assist Human Resources Officers in developing general and individual job descriptions in line with the new approach. The secretariat will in due course refine and tailor these benchmarks to reflect the new approach to job evaluation.

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