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Retail Price Indices


Retail Price Indices are related to living expenditures of UN Officials and are calculated and published six times a year (February, April, June, August, October and December). The table is also published in the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics by the Statistics Division of the UN.

The retail price indices measure the cost-of-living of United Nations international staff stationed at specific duty stations relative to New York, the base of the United Nations post adjustment system, at the same index date.

Detailed explanations of the place-to-place surveys and the Modified Walsh index can be found in Part II of our Post Adjustment System Booklet.

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The ICSC also publishes the Retail Price Index with Details (RPID). The main advantage of the RPID over its predecessor, the RPI, is that it offers users the option of building a customized retail price index using selected expenditure components and weights.

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Index calculations

It should be emphasized that since the indices relate to United Nations staff whose consumption pattern differ from that of the indigenous population, these indices may not reflect the general price levels In the cities indicated.

Note that the base For all index calculations is New York.
(New York = 100)

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Even though the RPI Details programme and associated database are publicly available, the ICSC would appreciate that prospective users provide basic information about themselves and identify the anticipated use of the index. This information will be used for the purposes of research and development only.