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The Thirty-fifth Session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions

Geneva, 22 to 29 April 2013

At this session, which was attended by representatives of many organizations and staff federations, the Committee reviewed methodological issues pertaining to the 2015 round of place-to-place surveys, including the specification of the out-of-area weight; the classification of staff expenditures, including Internet purchases, as in-area and out-of-area; procedures for assuring the quality of data collected from staff expenditures surveys; an examination of the rational for the inclusion of the pension contribution component in the post adjustment index structure; a progress report on the feasibility of incorporating geographical areas outside Geneva, in establishing the post adjustment classification of Geneva; and a revision of the list of countries, and their corresponding weights, that are used in the calculation of the out-of-area index, on the basis the results of an out-of-area survey.

The Committee’s recommendations with the regard to the above issues, as well as its initial proposals for the Agenda of its thirty-sixth session, will be submitted for Commission’s consideration at its 77th session.

Posted on 1 May 2013