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The Seventy-seventh Session of the Commission

London, 22 July to 2 August 2013

The seventy-seventh session of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) was held in London at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). During the session, ICSC inter alia, deliberated on the following topics relating to the common system:

  • The common system compensation package
  • The Mobility and Hardship scheme
  • The base/floor salary scale and the evolution of the US/UN net remuneration margin
  • The Mandatory Age of Separation for current staff;
  • Conditions of service of staff in the field and;
  • The results of the salary survey for General Service staff and other locally recruited staff in Montreal
In addition, while at the IMO, the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Commission met with the Secretary General of the IMO.

Posted on 13 August 2013