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The Thirty-sixth Session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions

Budapest, 7 to 14 April 2014

At this session, which was attended by representatives of many organizations and staff federations, the Committee reviewed methodological issues pertaining to the structure of the post adjustment index, as well as operational matters such as the use of external price data collected under the European Comparison programme for establishing post adjustment for covered group I duty stations; a review of the rental subsidy scheme; and the classification of duty stations as group I and group II for purposes of post adjustment. As this was the first session of the Committee convened as part of the ongoing comprehensive review of the United Nations common system compensation package, the Committee’s recommendations with the regard to the above issues will be submitted for Commission’s consideration at its 79th session, after initial review by the comprehensive review’s Working Group 1, which deals with the remuneration structure, including post adjustment.

Posted on 29 April 2014