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The Eighty-seventh Session of the Commission

Bonn, 9-20 July 2018

The International Civil Service Commission held its eighty-seventh session at the United Nations Volunteers programme in Bonn, Germany from 9-20 July 2018. The Commission considered a status report of the comprehensive review of the post adjustment system, including a detailed description of the project management plan covering all aspects of the review and the terms of reference for some of the review topics, and considered the provisional agenda for the forty-first session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions. The Commission, inter alia, also deliberated on items such as conditions of service in the field, the level of Children’s and Secondary dependent's allowances, End-of-service pay, Pensionable Remuneration, and the upcoming review of the salary survey methodologies of best prevailing conditions of employment of General Service and other locally recruited staff.

Posted on 20 July 2018