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The Forty-fifth Session of the Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions

New York, 5-12 February 2024

At this session, the Advisory Committee reviewed the ICSC secretariat’s proposals regarding methodological issues arising from the 2021 baseline surveys at headquarters duty stations, as well as those pertaining to the next round of surveys, including comparative analyses of housing-related costs incurred by homeowners versus renters; and of price data collected from physical outlets versus their online web sites. The Committee also reviewed he results of the secretariat’s investigation into the feasibility of simplification of the structure of the PAI to facilitate the use of external data in its compilation. Other items reviewed by the Committee were an updated list of items and specifications; and a redesigned staff expenditures survey questionnaire and other survey instruments. A provisional agenda for the Committee’s forty-sixth session was also submitted for the Commission’s consideration at its ninety-seventh session. The session was attended by representatives of many organizations and staff federations, as well as observers from Eurostat and the International Service for Remunerations and Pensions, partner agencies of the ICSC.

Posted on 1 March 2024